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Since 2007, has been hosted in various servers in the West Coast of the US. As far as reliability and up-time, we have always preferred to host in large US providers versus using local servers. However, November 19 2013, we have moved to state of the art cloud servers in Hong Kong. This […]
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Local Business Schema Support for Philippine Companies Listings

We have recently deployed support for Local Business Schema in all Business Listings.  The format was developed by, an organization launched in June 2011 by the major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo, to provide “structured markup” of website data. A variety of schemas exist such those for events, articles,  movies, products, restaurants […]
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Quietly, just over a year ago, we launched the mobile version of To date, approximately 15% of visitors do so via their smart or feature phones. These visitors are redirected to The mobile site is not only a clone of the main site but actually offers different features from the desktop version. […]
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Comment on various Philippine Companies using your Facebook Account

We are currently testing a feedback/comments system for utilizing Facebook comments plugin. This plugin allows users to leave feedback or comments on a business listing using their Facebook account. Scroll down to the bottom of a business listing to leave a comment.  
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Hotel Reservation using

For the over two years now, has been offering Affordable Philippine Hotel Reservation via our Hotels and Resorts section of the website. Powered by Asia’s leading Hotel Booking service:, you are assured that you are getting the best possible rates for your next Philippine Vacation. Below are some of the most popular resorts […]
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Top Categories of

We’ve recently posted the top thirty (30) business categories defined in in our homepage. The rankings are influenced by the number of listings per category and the total number of hits per listing. As of August 2013, the top 30 categories are: Educational Institutions Groceries, Markets And Convenience Stores Public Elementary School Employment And […]
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Philippine Companies Keyword Tag Clouds

Take a fascinating look at what people are searching for in by viewing a tag cloud of the latest 500 searches done in the website. Font size and color are adjusted to the popularity of the keyword. Some interesting insights can be derived by analyzing this relatively simple data representation.The majority of searches are […]
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Search Query API The Search API allows you to query the search engine and display the results in your website. The API uses the GET method to access the search engine and returns the results in RSS format which can then be easily parsed for display in your site. LINK:[WHAT]&where=[WHERE] For example, if you want to […]
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New look and features for

At over 10,000 visitors/day is now one of the top 1000 websites in the Philippines. This coincides as well with the site surpassing 50,000 companies listed in its database.  In our continuing effort to improve the website, the following changes have recently gone live: has moved to our Cloud-based Virtual Private Servers which […]
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Google Maps Integration with

We’ve been planning to integrate Google Maps with our Philippine Business directory/locator website since it was launched 2 years ago. However, we found the accuracy of the Philippine maps far from perfect, with very obvious descrepancies between the map-view and satellite views. This has changed in the past few months as can be seen by […]
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