Local Business Schema Support for Philippine Companies Listings

We have recently deployed support for Local Business Schema in all PhilippineCompanies.com Business Listings.  The format was developed by Schema.org, an organization launched in June 2011 by the major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo, to provide “structured markup” of website data. A variety of schemas exist such those for events, articles,  movies, products, restaurants and more. By providing Local Business Schema Markup for PhilippineCompanies.com business listings, we hope to provide a better format for search engines to present that data that we have available.

There are several ways to define a Schema for your website. The simplest way is to use the Data Highlighter function in Google Webmasters Tools. Using this tool, you can define the values needed for the schema by simply highlighting and labeling the pertinent fields.



Another method is to embed the Schema Code in your HTML. This maybe trickier but it is by far the more robust solution as you have full control on how to label your data. Below is a snippet on how this specific PhilippineCompanies.com listing for EACOMM Corporation was marked up with the local business schema (code has been cleaned for readability). Text in bold are the schema definitions introduced into the html:

<div itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/LocalBusiness” id=”midbody”>
<h1 itemprop=”name”>EACOMM CORPORATION</h1>
<p itemprop=”address” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/PostalAddress”>
<span itemprop=”streetAddress”>11th Floor CyberOne, Eastwood Cyberpark Bagumbayan</span>
<span itemprop=”addressLocality”>QUEZON CITY Metro Manila</span>

<strong>Tel:</strong><span itemprop=”telephone”> (02) 438-2986</span>

Once a site has been marked-up, the structured data testing tool  in Google Webmasters Tools will allow you to check how Google is interpreting your Schema data:


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