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mphilippinecompaniesQuietly, just over a year ago, we launched the mobile version of To date, approximately 15% of visitors do so via their smart or feature phones. These visitors are redirected to The mobile site is not only a clone of the main site but actually offers different features from the desktop version. Mobile visitors can use a “Find Near Me” function where our search engine uses proximity algorithms to find businesses within a specified radius to the user. Another function is a “Get Directions” button where users looking up a specific Philippine Business Listing can choose to get directions to that business from their current location and view it in Google Maps. Finally, the site utilizes “click to call” links for the business phone numbers to allow for mobile users to immediately call a business from our website.

The mobile site is currently on live Alpha and we plan to improve and add to its features to maximize the advantages of mobile browsing.


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